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Skeleton Bucket

A skeleton bucket is a type of bucket commonly used in construction, excavation, and mining applications. It is also known as a screening bucket, shaker bucket, or sorting bucket. Unlike standard buckets that have solid sides, a skeleton bucket has a grid-like structure made up of reinforced steel bars or plates, which allows for better visibility and separation of materials.

The design of a skeleton bucket typically features a series of evenly spaced bars or plates that form a grid pattern. This pattern allows smaller particles or debris to fall through the gaps between the bars, while larger materials are retained in the bucket. This feature makes it particularly useful for sifting through and separating materials such as rocks, stones, and debris from soil or sand.

Skeleton Bucket

Skeleton buckets come in a range of sizes and configurations, with some models featuring interchangeable screens or grates to accommodate different types of materials or sorting needs. They are typically used in conjunction with heavy machinery such as excavators or loaders, and can be used for a variety of applications including digging, grading, and landscaping.

Overall, the use of a skeleton bucket can help to improve efficiency and productivity in material handling and sorting tasks, by reducing the need for manual sorting or the use of additional equipment.

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