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Rock Bucket

An excavator rock bucket is a heavy-duty bucket attachment designed specifically for digging and loading rocks, boulders, and other hard materials. It is designed with reinforced construction and specialized cutting edges to withstand the high impact and abrasive wear that comes with working in rock excavation.

The bucket typically has a flat, wide bottom with a curved or straight cutting edge for efficient digging and loading of materials. The shape and size of the bucket can vary depending on the specific application and the size of the excavator. The bucket may also have extra reinforcement along the sides and bottom to prevent damage from the impact of rocks.

Galen Excavator Rock Bucket
Galen Excavator Rock Bucket

Rock buckets come in a range of sizes to suit different types of excavators and loaders. They are typically used in construction and excavation projects where heavy-duty digging and loading of rocks and other hard materials is required, such as quarrying, mining, and road construction.

Overall, an excavator rock bucket is a valuable tool for construction and excavation projects that require heavy-duty excavation and material handling. Its reinforced construction and specialized cutting edges make it suitable for working in tough rock excavation conditions, reducing the need for manual labor and additional equipment.

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