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Gripper Bucket

A gripper bucket is a type of bucket attachment used for handling and lifting various types of materials, such as logs, pipes, and other large or awkward objects. It is designed with a set of hydraulic-powered gripper arms that can securely grip and lift objects.

Gripper Bucket

The bucket typically has a flat, wide bottom with a curved or straight cutting edge for efficient digging and loading of materials. The gripper arms are usually positioned on the sides of the bucket and are powered by hydraulic or electric motors, allowing them to open and close around the object being lifted.

Gripper buckets come in a range of sizes to suit different types of excavators and loaders. They are typically used in construction and excavation projects where heavy lifting is required, such as forestry, pipeline construction, and material handling.


Overall, a gripper bucket is a valuable tool for construction and excavation projects that require safe and efficient handling of large or awkward objects. The hydraulic-powered gripper arms provide a secure grip and lift, reducing the need for manual labor and additional equipment.

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