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Ripper Bucket

A ripper bucket is a type of excavator bucket attachment designed for breaking up hard, compacted soil, rocks, and other materials. It is equipped with a single pointed ripper tooth or multiple ripper teeth that are designed to penetrate and break up tough materials.

The bucket typically has a flat, wide bottom with a curved or straight cutting edge for efficient digging and loading of materials. The ripper teeth are attached to the bottom of the bucket and can be raised or lowered using hydraulic cylinders. This allows the operator to adjust the depth and angle of the ripper teeth as needed for effective material breaking.

Ripper Bucket
Ripper Bucket

Ripper buckets come in a range of sizes to suit different types of excavators and loaders. They are typically used in construction and excavation projects where hard, compacted soil or rock needs to be broken up before excavation or construction work can begin.

Overall, a ripper bucket is a valuable tool for construction and excavation projects that require effective material breaking capabilities. Its single pointed ripper tooth or multiple ripper teeth make it suitable for breaking up tough materials, reducing the need for manual labor and additional equipment.

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