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What is Crusher Bucket? What are its areas of use?

The crusher bucket is an essential attachment designed to transform conventional excavators into powerful mobile crushers. These versatile attachments offer an efficient and cost-effective way to process inert materials such as concrete, rock, asphalt and natural stones directly on site.

Crusher Bucket

How Crusher Buckets Work

Crusher buckets are innovative attachments that utilize the excavator’s hydraulic system to power the crushing mechanism. The attachment is mounted on the excavator’s boom and operates using its standard hydraulic functions. When in action, the crusher bucket’s powerful jaws compress and crush the material against a fixed jaw, breaking it down into smaller, manageable pieces.

The crushing process is highly efficient, allowing the excavator operator to control the output size of the crushed material. The adjustable jaw gap enables different output sizes to be achieved, making the crusher bucket versatile for various applications. Additionally, some crusher buckets come with interchangeable crushing plates, allowing contractors to adapt the attachment to different materials and job requirements.

Common Applications of Crusher Buckets

  • Crushing and recycling concrete and rocks

  • Handling and processing inert materials

  • Landscaping and land reclamation projects

  • Quarrying and mining operations

  • Environmental remediation

  • Agricultural applications

  • Forestry and land clearing


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