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Mini excavator buckets delivery to Czech Republic

The mini excavator buckets that we have completed are on their way to the Czech Republic. Among the attachments to be delivered are tilting bucket- ditch cleaning bucket for mini excavators.

  • L200 0.02m^3 Bucket

  • L300 0.03m^3 Bucket

  • L500 0.06m^3 Bucket

  • L600 0.07m^3 Bucket

  • L300 0.04m^3 Bucket

  • L400 0.06m^3 Bucket

  • L500 0.08m^3 Bucket

  • L600 0.09m^3 Bucket

  • L800 0.12m^3 Bucket

  • L300 0.06m^3 Bucket

  • L400 0.08m^3 Bucket

  • L500 0.11m^3 Bucket

  • L600 0.13m^3 Bucket

  • L800 0.17m^3 Bucket

  • L900 0.20m^3 Bucket

  • L400 0.13m^3 Bucket

  • L500 0.19m^3 Bucket

  • L600 0.24m^3 Bucket

  • L800 0.34m^3 Bucket

  • L900 0.36m^3 Bucket

  • 1000 0.09m^3 Ditch Cleaning Bucket

  • L1000 0.12m^3 Ditch Cleaning Bucket

  • L1200 0.15m^3 Ditch Cleaning Bucket

  • L1200 0.15m^3 Ditch Cleaning Bucket

  • L1500 0.19m^3 Ditch Cleaning Bucket

  • L1500 0.32m^3 Ditch Cleaning Bucket

  • L800 0.07m^3 Tilting Bucket

  • L1000 0.09m^3 Tilting Bucket

  • L1000 0.13m^3 Tilting Bucket

  • L1200 0.15m^3 Tilting Bucket

  • L1500 0.19m^3 Tilting Bucket

  • L1500 0.32m^3 Tilting Bucket


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